ILD Test

The test methodology is the Electrical Filed Vector Mapping by [International Leak Detection; UAE -800-5325[LEAK]]

  1. ILD Shall provide Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) testing (including survey and certification) of the completed waterproofing systems that are installed.
  2. EFVM will be done by a CERTIFIED testing technician. The EFVM testing inspectors must complete the EFVM integrity test by conduction, a visual inspection of all vertical surface junctions, perimeter details and membrane penetrations.
  3. The EFVM agency shall submit a detailed written EFVM test report to the Engineer. This report will include CAD drawings, pictures documentation and a report detailing the location of the breaches, if found, and nature of all defects found.
  4. The Waterproofing Contractor must take all necessary measures, including repairs and additional EFVM tests in coordination with ILD technician in order to be able to warranty a defect-free waterproofing system to client.