Liquid Water Proofing System

Tritoflex is a fast-setting liquid rubber that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that can be efficiently sprayed creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no wastage. Since it is water-based and very low VOC, it is considered to be a green product that is sustainable for years as a waterproofing system.

Tritoflex is typically used as a waterproofing membrane for New Roof, foundations, plaza decks, Bridge Decks, interior and exterior walls, walking decks, steel or wood beams, and a wide range of specialty waterproofing applications. However since it is light weight, Tritoflex can also be used as Restoration Waterproofing for all types of roofing materials without tearing off the old ones. Thus Tritoflex is a waterproofing solution for the entire building envelope and beyond.

  • Fast-setting liquid rubber
  • Sprayed to any thickness
  • Seamless application
  • Monolithic waterproofing membrane
  • No wastage
  • Green product – very low voc
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Excellent crack bridging capabilities
  • Easy to apply and repair


Tritoprime with Reinforcement Fabric


VMG [Vector Mapping Grid]

Self adhesive Membrane

XPS insulation Board

Trito FAB

Gravel ¾ inch size