Smart Roof

Smart Roof is the fastest way to insulate and waterproof your entire roof. Highly efficient spray technologies, specially designed detailing and perfectly matching system components combined with the employment of modern application technologies enables the Smart Roof system to save up to 40% time compared with a standard 500 M² roofing system. Furthermore, the use of standardized systems and optimized application techniques reduces the risk of application errors and leads as such to the most secure roofing installation. With all this measure, Smart Roof is designed with four effectively fully bonded waterproofing layers which make any water leakage more or less impossible. Smart Roof is a fast and reliable roofing system.

Benefits of Smart Roof System

  • Joint free insulation & waterproofing with 25 years manufacturers Guarantee.
  • Load Bearing Capacity up to 2½ Tons per Sq.Mtr.
  • Single submittal & approval for the entire system.
  • Roof tiles not required.
  • Fully mechanized time saving installation procedures.
  • Ability & capacity to undertake fast track projects.
  • Easy repair & maintenance.
  • Multilayer Waterproofing.
  • Lower electricity consumption due to better insulation.
  • Thermal shock resistant roof